Transforming lives through education


In the Learning Center, children can be assessed to determine areas of educational need and provided the tutoring necessary to improve to their grade level.  They will have access to excellent computer-based tools such as those provided through the World Possible solution - RACHEL (Remote Area Community Hotspot for Education and Learning) which will allow them to use programs such as Khan Academy, Wikipedia, and Project Gutenberg without internet access.

The Learning Center will support a library and reading room as well as a computer lab for those who show an aptitude for programming, web design or engineering.

Children will also have the opportunity to participate in dance, fine arts and music.


Expanding horizons based on individual need


For a variety of reasons, a high percentage of underprivileged children will not follow an academic track beyond the age of 12. While the Learning Center will help children stay engaged in school, there are still those for whom mainstream education simply does not suit their needs or abilities.  There are many valuable skills these children can be taught that can prepare them for gainful employment and allow them to create a good quality of life for themselves.

From pastry chefs, jewelry making, raising of chickens, tilapia and vegetables, to auto mechanics, electricians, plumbers and HVAC technicians, Gift of Dignity will work with local employers and technical schools to understand and provide the opportunity for older children to gain apprenticeships for skill sets that are valuable in the Nuevo Laredo.


Finding and fulfilling their God given potential


Gift of Dignity nurtures positive characteristics including confidence, compassion, and integrity to help children overcome the marginalization and resulting lack of self-esteem often prevalent in impoverished communities.  Our desire is for each child to experience restoration to a life of purpose in which they can dream big and fulfill their God-given potential.

Through daily discipleship and bible study as well as helping each child serve others in the community, we seek to help these children discover their significance and the unique story that was created for them by their heavenly Father.