Roberto (Original post date Oct 2017)

Gift of Dignity funding will be used, in 2017/2018, to build the library, reading room, computer lab and tutoring center which we expect to have up and running in early January. Here is just one story to help you understand the impact you will have on these children’s lives.

This is Roberto.  He is a sweet boy, gentle and kind, and has learned to be a master baker in the panaderia.  He lives at Casa Hogar Elim along with three siblings.

Over the last year, I noticed that Roberto was not going to school.  When I asked why, a variety of excuses were given – no uniform, worked late in the bakery,doesn’t have an alarm to wake him so he missed the ride to school.   And then he said he wasn’t smart enough for school, which broke my heart.  

On my most recent visit to Casa Hogar Elim, I sat down with Roberto and a few other boys and talked to them about the learning center and what it would give them access to.  They listened attentively and then they left for dinner. About two minutes later, Roberto returned.  He asked me to explain again what we were offering.  When I repeated my explanation, he said, “My teachers have put our assignments online.  Because I don’t have access to a computer, I can’t do the assignments and don’t want to go to school because I’m failing.  Are you telling me that every day I can come into this place, get access to my homework, and take as much time as I need to finish it?”  When I told him that was exactly what I was saying, his eyes shone with joy and he asked if he could begin that very day.  Oh, how I wished I could have said yes, but all I could say was that it was coming soon and we would help him catch up as much as possible. I can hardly wait to get started and watch God’s plan for his life unfold.

This is just one of many stories you can be a part of.  These kids are not looking for someone to give them anything except access to opportunity.  And once they have it, just watch and see what happens!