How to Climb a Big Freakin’ Mountain

Gotta admit.  There are still times when my husband and I pause, look at each other, and bust out laughing (that kind of laugh that has a slight edge of hysteria to it) at the audacity of what we are stepping into.    Who the heck do we think we are selling everything, moving to Mexico, building a learning center and small farm at an orphanage, without significant experience in either area??    Thought I would share some of the rules we have learned to live with that have kept us moving forward with joy and excitement instead of fear and anxiety.

Rule #1 Don’t go it alone.

We have received that ‘Are you nuts’ look quite often lately.  And if we were doing this alone or under our own power, I would be wondering that myself. A very wise man told me early on, “If you want to go fast, go alone.  But if you want to go far, go together.”  We have far to go so we are delighted to bring all of you along with us for the ride.   We have sought and been blessed with strong mentorship and guidance throughout the decision-making process as well as with folks who have been willing to offer their passion and expertise in many areas that are new to us.   We have had people who are prayer warriors going to their knees for us.  And God has shown us repeatedly that if we remember that He is the one doing the work and if we will glorify His Name in all we do, we will never be alone.  Rule #1..CHECK!

Rule #2 Know where you are going and why you are going there.

This rule is important for when the going gets tough and you need to remind yourself why you aren’t going to bail.  And I can guarantee that time will come if you are stepping out of the boat and into the water.  Here is our where and why. Casa Hogar Elim orphanage is in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico and is home to approximately 80 amazing children.    Because of where they were born and their life circumstances, they have been given the short end of the stick, so to speak.  The likelihood of them breaking out of the cycle of poverty is not good without a little hand up.  Gift of Dignity’s goal is to bring education and vocational skills, improved nutrition, and spiritual and character guidance to these children so that their chances of reaching their God-given potential can be realized.   We desire to give them the tools and the foundation to dream big and make a difference in this world. Rule #2...CHECK!

Rule #3 Don’t wait for the world to say it’s okay to go. 

The world, and well-meaning people, will have a whole list of things you must do, must read, must understand, must get permission for before you act on your calling.  Most of those things are unnecessary or just not needed to get started.  The actions you want to take are ones that will get you to a place of meaningful engagement in your calling as fast as possible.  This may involve a new level of risk, faith and trust and it certainly means surrounding yourself with wise, blunt people who want you to be successful.  I was fortunate to attend Bob Goff’s Dream Big Conference and have his one on one counsel for six months after the conference.  His constant press was for me to focus on actions that moved me into engagement with my goal.  Taking that advise, we built our non-profit and are headed to Nuevo Laredo in the Fall.  Rule #3...CHECK!

At the end of the day, even though I have spent much more of my life breaking rules than following them, these three rules have managed to keep us moving forward and have taken us from a dream to reality in under six months.  My hope is that someone who has been dreaming big, who has been ready to launch themselves off the couch and into their destiny, will read this and take that first meaningful step towards their calling. 

The sun hasn’t set on the day yet…. Go Be Love!